The best self-assessment software for Accountants

It’s never too late to stop learning. With that in mind, a great way to hold yourself accountable to the aforementioned statement is by consistently and consciously endeavoring to improve yourself. This may be a skillset or a part of your personality you feel that you should work on. In both cases, it’s important to understand that the only acceptable way to move is forward.

An excellent way to do that is by routinely assessing yourself and your skill, checking to see if you’ve made progress or not.  If not, why is that? If you have, then that’s great. For accountants, who dwindle routinely in complex mathematics and balance sheet, being apt and quick with numbers is a skill that’s always cherished. Hence, it’s best to always keep on improving. With that goal in mind, here are the few best self-assessment software for accountants. You should scout their features and choose what suits best to your operations or business.

BTC Software

Offering a plethora of services, BTC is one of the most renowned self-assessment and tax software for accountants in the UK. By ensuring quality delivery to every customer, BTC ensures that the goal of the company is met and realized by the lives that they are set out to change. They also provide excellent technical support and work at a decent price margin, making it accessible for all.


Based out of the UK, TaxCalc is one of the oldest providers of self-assessment software for accountants and provides an impeccable model which users can use to enhance further and polish their skills and fluency. TaxCalc offers four versions of its programs, each catering to a different audience. These are Individual, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, and Trusts.

ABC self-assessment

This service is geared towards providing users with a simplistic and straightforward interface which enables them to make the most out of their resources. This software is not suitable for corporation tax but is applicable for virtually all other type of work. Furthermore, the simplicity of the website is guaranteed to make-up for a few missing features. However, this software is still one of the best ones there is.


This accounting software will give young businesses a backbone on which they can function and build off of.  This application will help you self-assess and make sure that your business runs fluently and smoothly. This software is also optimal for generating reports and analysis so that you can compare and contrast data sets.


Established in 2013, this software offers a plethora of functions, which include bookkeeping and handling payroll as well. Overall, Nomisma serves as a pretty competent self-assessment software for accountants based on several merits. For starters, the services and features provided are exceptional and unparalleled and can be used and accessed easily. Secondly, the packages offered by them come in various agreements, allowing the user to invest in the module that he/she wants explicitly. This saves the user from other miscellaneous costs.