The Negative Effects of Not Working Out

An extended period without training can, at times, be inevitable. Some things that can alter your training routine are; injuries, sickness, or even a change in location due to family or work.

Skipping out on your training routine for a more extended period has its effects, and you may start noticing changes in both your mental and physical health. Besides that, you will also lose all the fitness gains that you had accumulated previously.  

Here is a breakdown of the effects of failing to train for an extended duration.

Drop in Your Mental Health

Working out boosts blood flow to your major organs, the brain being one of them. Improved blood flow towards the brain translates to better brain function. Additionally, exercising stimulates the release of endorphins – hormones necessary for better mood.

When you stop working out for a long time, the previously said activities drop leading to a drop in your mental health.

Reduced Endurance Levels

Exercising pushes your muscles and body overall to greater heights. Usually, with exercise you will try and better your performance every day. For example, if you do go for morning jogs or walking, you will work on adding a few miles to your routine.

The energy levels within your muscles will start dropping the moment you start skipping your training sessions, hitting your endurance levels.

Increased Body Fat

Naturally, participating in training drills helps burn excess calories. However, once you fail to work out for a long time, the fat burning stimuli are mitigated leading to fat deposits around your waist and tummy area.

Your Strength Levels Will Plummet

Studies show that training at average-intensity for at least 150 minutes per week leads to endurance and strength gains of averagely 12%. What this means is that your body will take some time before exhibiting significant benefits.

On the flipside, once you stop working out, you will lose all the gains made in an even shorter period. Sometimes it is just a loss of form that is keeping you away from your training routine. You shouldn’t let this affect you with the presence of high-quality fitness products at

There are several ways that you can help avoid a breakdown in your training routine; here are some of them.

Be More Creative

Work and family can often lead you to move to a different location with no training facilities around. However, that shouldn’t spell an end to your training routine. You can search for bodyweight routines that are equipment free.

While at it, remember to go for activities that you enjoy. This way you will find it simple to switch to your new routine without too much fuss.

Stay Active

Training after you’ve had an injury or suffered from an illness can be tough. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from staying active. You can opt for light-impact workouts such as walking or yoga that will not put too much stress on your muscles.

This way you will continue keeping your muscles active and fit as you gear towards getting back to your healthy self.