The Top Features of any Crypto Casino

After Bitcoinshad attained a certain level of popularity, cryptocurrenciesof other forms were slowly introduced in the market. Out of them, Ethereum or Ether is one of the successful digital currencies. It was first introduced in the year 2013 and then practically made its existence in this world a year later in 2014. Like any other cryptocurrencies, it helps you in performing any private financial transactions, helps you save your money in your e-wallet and does not deal with too many regulations. Today, the Ethereum coins have turned out to be one of the smartest alternatives of Bitcoins.

Various forms of Ethereum gambling

Practically, you will come across two different forms of Ethereum gambling. The first and currently the most familiar form is the ability to use Ether as in with drawing and depositing in different online casinos. Just like Bitcoin, it proves to be an alternative payment process. People gambling with Ether will agree that it is perhaps the easiest to understand. All of the world’s best Ether casinos support this form of gambling. The second form is the use of smart contracts while placing the bets. These smart contacts make random payments depending on whether you have lost or won the game. Few advantages of betting Ether through smart contract are:

  • Your funds do not lie with the casinos, so the risk of loss is automatically eliminated
  • Payouts are made via open source code which can never be interfered with
  • Irrespective of the amount you win the payouts are made immediately. This makes the process fast

Features to look for in a crypto casino

Before registering with any of the online gambling casinos, you should always check out their features. Considering the level of competition today, you need to compare the features sensibly to judge who is the best service provider. Listed beneathare some of the exclusive features you should look for:

  • Always look for high payouts whatever the type of game
  • Choose sites offering lucrative schemes like a welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, regular bonus, promotional offers etc.
  • See if it holds an authentic license from a recognized body
  • Make sure the deposit and withdrawal systems are fast
  • The site is compatible with mobile, allowing you to play from anywhere
  • Whether it uses a decentralized platform along with the open source technology
  • Excellent customer support round the clock preferably through live chat

The rules of depositing

The Ether depositing methods at any casino are similar to that of Bitcoins. In the process of Ethereum gambling, you are allowed to purchase Ether from any online exchanges and perform the transaction from your personal Coin base wallet to the casino’s Ethereum wallet. There are a few vital points you should remember before making such Ether deposit at any casino, like:

  • The Ether wallet addresss hould be different from that of the Bitcoin, to avoid it from getting lost
  • The amount deposited takes some time to become visible, so don’t lose patience
  • Cross check to ensure that you are sending the amount to the right address, or else it will be gone forever.